About The Artist

Artistic Portrait Photography by Cassandra Kendall.

A San Diego based photographer, with over 25 years experience in the photography business. Specializing in Equestrian, Boudoir, Glamour, Couples, Family, Pregnancy, Newborn, Head-shots, Senior Portraits, Kids and Pets.

Much of Cassandra’s experience comes from working in the wedding industry and international travels. Although, it all really started when she was a little girl. Often, she modeled and posed in front of the camera for her big sister, Christiane, who was an aspiring freelance photographer and play-write. Doing business as “Iris and Ink” in the late nineteen-seventies and eighties, her sister provided tremendous support, influence and inspiration to Cassandra’s artistic endeavors.  It was later in life that Cassandra decided to become a photographer, too…but, not become a writer, since that was her sister’s serious point of interest!.

During childhood, Cassandra’s first camera was a Christmas present from her grandmother, the Kodak Instamatic with a fixed lens and film cartridge, using single-use flash cubes and flash bars.  Cassandra was especially attracted to the scent of a freshly opened film cartridge and pigment aroma from the film’s emulsion. In fact, so much that she often did not throw away the little boxes, saving the packaging to make miniature doll-house photo-studios from empty, cut-up film casing and such. After all, her dolls and favorite model horses were to be famous, international models one day! It got seriously high tech when Vivitar came out with the new built-in-flash, Point N Shoot! Though, it wasn’t until her thirteenth birthday that Cassandra received her very first SLR camera as a gift from her father, the Pentax P3-  photography was a new world from that day forward!

Having grown up on a ranch, Cassandra loved to photograph her family’s pets as her main subjects: Dogs, cats, chickens, horses, parrots…even a donkey! Living on a ranch gives one plenty of subjects to work with, including endless landscape and background opportunities.

After high school, Cassandra went on to college to study Fine Art and Photography at San Diego State University. She reflects spending endless hours in both, college darkrooms and painting studios, feeling sleep deprived, working under bright halogen lights or soft amber chandeliers. Deadlines and projects were high on demand, either in painting classes or photography. Even with a hectic school schedule, Cassandra managed to succeed and win a “Best of Show Painting Award” for the State of California!

Furthermore, her fondest memories were working in the photo darkrooms, with large pieces of Oriental photo-paper, using the enlarger light to slowly paint an image she had photographed in black and white. During which the gentle sounds of sloshing developers, chemicals and large paper washers filled the corridor with a machine-like, hypnotic hum.  It was then that she discovered her true passion, Portrait Photography, and Painting with oils. It didn’t take long for a college friend to notice her hard work paying off and asked Cassandra if she would be the photographer of her wedding. Since that first wedding gig, Cassandra has photographed over 500 weddings and special events on the west coast, winning numerous photography awards for her efforts.

Even though the wedding field was an amazing experience, it was not her special “niche”. Truly, Cassandra is an artist and feels inspired to capture her subjects in real settings and in a natural environment. However, on occasion, she also loves to work in her studio with special props, make-up, hair and lighting in order to create more dramatic, theatrical effects.

Most importantly,  Cassandra captures beautiful, precious moments that instill a lifetime of memories for her clientele. She continues to create unique, heartfelt imagery that draws one from reality into a world of beauty, sensitivity and passion!

Artist & Photographer, Cassandra Kendall