About The Artist

Why Fine Art and Equine Photography?

My interest in art began in the 1970’s when I was a little girl living in La Jolla, California. I was the youngest out of five children and started drawing before I could speak a language. My parents were both working artists; my mother, born and raised in France, was an actress and dance teacher, and father, a jazz pianist and painter. My father practiced piano in the mornings, then painted in the afternoons. Often, I watched him work at the easel, while I drew with crayons on paper to mimic his motions of brushwork. My favorite subjects to draw were the many pets we had around the house: dogs, parrots, a donkey, and a goat.

Several years later, my parents split-up and my father moved out to live in the Sierra Nevada, while my mother moved us to Bonita, California, to have a more ranch-like lifestyle. Horses were adopted into the family of pets and became my true inspiration. I learned how to draw horses and portraiture and then, became obsessed with designer fashions. My mother made sure to enroll me into creative arts schools where I could develop my artistic skills. So, I took up photography in order to enhance my artistic-eye for perspective and composition; and also, engaged in visual and performing arts.

These experiences prepared me to major in fine arts, photography and painting, in college. There, I participated in several art contests and won numerous awards, such as, the “Best of Show Award” in the 1992 Gavilan Community College state-wide art competition. After college, I discovered photography was a lucrative way to make a living. Thus, I perused commercial and wedding photography professionally and did so until 2013.

Even though the wedding field was an amazing experience, it was time for me to grow and expand my artistic career. Now, I am working towards gallery exhibitions and national acclaim in the fine arts.

Overall, my goal is to create unique, heartfelt imagery that draws one from reality into a world of beauty, sensitivity and passion. I feel inspired to capture my subjects in a natural environment; to connect them to nature. Occasionally, I love to work in a studio setting with special props, make-up, hair and lighting in order to create more dramatic, glamourous  and theatrical effects.

Timeless Portraits for A Lifetime of Memories.

Artist & Photographer, Cassandra Kendall